Thursday, September 15, 2016

June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore- Book Review

Before I begin the review for today, I did want to add a little note to my readers. First, thank you so much for reading my reviews! I have watched each month as my numbers ticked up and I thank you for spreading the word.

The other note is that my career is in full swing again. I usually get a small lull in my workload during summer which allows for more reading, but now that it is Fall again, I have a fuller workload. This means that my reviews more than likely will not be daily anymore, my apologies. I am also teaching a class in October which I am prepping for, so a lot of my reading is also work related. I will still post reviews, but they may go back to being every other day, rather than daily. Thanks for understanding.

I received June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore* without really knowing what to expect. I had sort of read the blurb, but forgot about it after receiving the book and finally getting to it, so I went in cold. What I got was a quite enjoyable ride.

June takes place in two time lines- the modern timeline focuses on Cassie who is living in a crumbling mansion called Two Oaks. It was once a beautiful house, but due to time, it has started to fall apart. Cassie is broke and hanging on by a thread with the house being her only real possession left. She gets a knock on the door letting her know she has just inherited millions and millions of dollars by a famous actor. The actor's daughters are contesting the will and Cassie is offered a million dollars to walk away rather than receiving the millions upon millions which will come with DNA testing and years of lawsuits.

The other timeline takes place in the same town with the same mansion, but Hollywood has come to town! June and her sister are enthralled with the Hollywood lifestyle and quickly become part of the shoot. On this shoot is Jack Montgomery a very famous actor, who June (Cassie's grandmother) has started getting attached to. 

What happens when these two timelines begin to come together? What is the connection between Cassie and June and Jack?

This was a quick and fun read- a perfect "summer" novel. It moved fairly quickly and flowed quite smoothly. It was a good mix of storytelling, mystery, and murder. Nothing too deep, but simply a good read.

I really enjoyed that the house gets a narrative as well. The house will often tell of its history and its place in the story. It was a good break in the narrative and helped fill in the blanks.

As stated, this is one of those books one picks up, reads on the weekend or on the beach, and just has a good time with it. I really liked this one for the entertainment. Great storytelling.

I gave this one 4 stars.

Here is your Amazon link- June by Miranda Beverly Whittemore

*I wish to thank BloggingForBooks and Crown Publishing for the chance to read this book. I received it for free in exchange for an honest review.

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