Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End Times- Book Review

 There has been a fun little series coming out of my denomination's publishing house for the last two years. Augsburg Fortress/Fortress Press/1517 Media has been partnering with the podcast- Homebrewed Christianity and has been putting out these fun little books with really deep theology.   

 The latest of these is The Guide to the End Times- Theology After You've Been Left Behind by Jeffrey Pugh. In the book, we read about Jeffrey's time within an end times church who focused on the idea the world was ending and ending soon. As he grew out of that theology, he looked back at what it meant for him and how it shaped him as a Christian and a professor.   

  The book is also about the theology of the end times looking back at history and when did Christians become obsessed with the end of the world? The fun part about the series is there is some heavy theology within the book. It is not light at all, but it is told in a very approachable and down to earth way. There is a "conversation" that happens between the author and 4 other people- The Bishop, The Deacon, the Elder, and the Acolyte. These characters appear in the other books as well. They offer different takes on the material presented or ask a question to help dive further. It is a cute technique that works well, although at times I did wonder why a certain character would ask or say what was said. It wasn't too distracting though. 

Each book is also written with a wink and a smile. They aren't only approachable, but also are funny and at times a bit sarcastic. The idea is there is fun behind the text and to enjoy theology. The book is meant to be short and small to carry around and for easy Bible/book study.  

I gave this one 4.5 stars. 

Here is your Amazon link- Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End Times

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