Monday, July 10, 2017

Touch by Courtney Maum- Book Review

I generally don't make Top 10 lists, except in my head and on long car rides, but if I had a Top 10 books that came out in 2017, this would sit at number 7 or 8. It wasn't my top top, but it was such a good read that had a great commentary on the current state of the world.

The book takes place in the near future. Technology has advanced just a bit more. Individuals are still connected via social media sources and dating apps, but the next level has happened- the post penetration intercourse movement. Individuals no longer touch one another even if they are in a relationship as most relationships happen through the phone or computer, even if the people are in the same room.

Sloane has predicted this will happen, as she is a trends predictor. She has been on top of all the technology trends and has now been hired by one of the top companies to help them create a technology for the next big trend.

As the book moves on, Sloane comes to a realization after being stuck somewhere and after an installed suggestion box- Sloane realizes the world will need touch again. As she talks to her employees through anonymous suggestions, she realizes individuals are doing things, such as renting people to hold them, and this is the trend of the future. The problem is there is no tech for this AND she is the forerunner for the non-penetration movement. Will Sloane go against her own ideals and promote this new trend? What will it cost her?

As I read this book, I knew I was reading a great, great book. The writing had a style, some sentences just blew me out of the water, and the book had a major point to make and made it without beating one over the head. Setting it in the just near future was also perfect timing as Maum herself is noticing a trend happening in the world.

When I finished the book, about two days later, my wife showed me an article about Japanese men marrying their sex dolls. (Link may be considered NSFW) This was happening! What Maum wrote about was actually happening. Her idea we are so connected virtually that we are disconnecting in real life is so true! I think this is also why I loved the book.

I will say there are a few dips in the book, but I didn't mind them as Maum got right back into the story pretty quickly. I am not going to say much more because I think individuals should read it as I did- fairly cold with just a bit of knowing what it is about and let it surprise you.

I gave this one a definite 5 stars. It isn't a perfect book though, but I loved it.

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