Friday, October 13, 2017

Origin by Dan Brown- Book Review

As much as I want to write a bunch of excuses for why I have not been posting as much recently, I am going to use the simple statement- Pastor stuff. I'll leave it as that.

There have been a lot of incredible releases within the last few weeks and each has seemed to be a giant book! One of those books was the new release by Dan Brown. A new Robert Langdon adventure.

This time around, Langdon almost plays second fiddle to his student- Edmond Kirsch and his AI Winston. Almost.

Kirsch has figured out the answer to the big questions- "Where do we come from and where are we going?" His answer has threatened to undo the three major religions of the world. Before he presented his findings to the world, he presented them to the three heads of the major religions and they knew this information must not get out.

Langdon is present on the night of the presentation, when all of a sudden Kirsch is killed. It is up to Langdon, Winston, and the beautiful Ambra Vidal to find a way of getting the presentation out. They are against the clock, against the major world religions, and even a King!

Yes, this is a typical Langdon adventure- short chapters, exciting cliffhangers, and a few puzzles. For me, what was missing was the art. While there were some art aspects, it was not the amount as in other books. I found I missed those moments.

It is though a great discussion around the origins of the universe and a theory about what is happening to us. While I don't think it quite dismantles all religions, in fact there was a positive aspect to religion in the end. I found the theory quite interesting.

While I still think the DaVinci Code is still one of his best books, I did find this one quite fun. My only critique was the lack of art and that 200 pages are about finding one thing. I won't say what, as that will be a spoiler, but it wasn't so much about solving puzzles rather it was about finding information. Once I got past that, I went along for the ride and enjoyed it a lot.

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