Friday, March 31, 2017

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson- Book Review

I would like to start with apologies to regular readers of my reviews. First, thank you for supporting me. Lent is a busy time for pastors and this Lent has been especially busy for me with ministry activities, so my reading generally goes down a bit in addition to my time to do fun things like blog. I was also sick this week and trying to read or blog with a fever just was not happening. The good news is I found out about two weeks ago what the new Book of the Month picks were and BoTM gave one to me to read early and I have already read one of the picks, so this weekend, I will make up for the week with two brand new spiffy reviews on Saturday and then Sunday and both will be April Book of the Month picks!

Her Every Fear, is not one of those picks, but it is one that I read fairly recently thanks to a hand sell from a local book store. I was looking for a mystery and a creepy one and this was the one recommended. It is indeed creepy.

It focuses on Kate, who after an unnamed incident (if you read the publisher's description it will spoil it), decides to switch apartments with her cousin, Corbin, whom she has never met. He goes to England and she comes to Boston.

When Kate arrives, a murder investigation is just beginning as Corbin's neighbor has been murdered. Kate is questioned, but knows nothing as she has just arrived. She finds it curious though that Corbin wanted eagerly to trade places with her. Was Corbin involved in the murder? Did he know the neighbor?

As she wanders the neighborhood, she runs into a man named Alan. Kate doesn't know it, but Alan knows the murdered neighbor as he has WATCHED HER FROM HIS WINDOW EVERY NIGHT! Enter the creepy neighbor (I am guessing that is him on the top right of the hardback cover). Did he have something to do with the neighbor's murder?

Corbin is in England, but is not enjoying the apartment. His was neat and huge, but Kate's is tiny and messy, so he decides to cruise the neighborhood bars. His behavior becomes a bit creepy too. Are you sure he had nothing to do with the murder?

I use those three as the book is narrated from the three different perspectives- Kate, Alan, and Corbin. There may be others, but I am not sharing. Each has a different tale to tell and each brings a unique voice to the mix.

The book itself felt a little long, but I wound up reading it very quickly, if that makes sense. It kept a good pace and told an excellent story, yet it felt long.

The big question is- did you guess the ending? Well, it isn't that sort of a book. There won't be a need to guess the ending as stories are told throughout the book that continue to unveil characters and their pasts, including the murdered neighbor. It is a good one in that not all are innocent and not all are guilty (well, there is a guilty party, but you will figure that out). It is a good mix of creepy characters though.

I wound up enjoying it for what it was. It fit the right need that I was looking for. Not too deep, but a fairly good mystery and a good array of creep factors.

I gave this one 3.5 stars.

Here is your Amazon link- Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

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