Friday, September 9, 2016

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer- Book Review

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer is one of the picks for this month's Book of the Month Club. If you would like to give Book of the Month a try, click the link or banner and use the code "read5" to get one month for just $5! That means, you can get this book for $5! Who can beat that?

 I remember a friend of mine had tickets to see Amy Schumer do her standup. Being a fan of her and knowing the person, I asked- Have you ever seen her on TV? His reply was- No, but it is comedy. Knowing he was a bit of a straight laced guy, I stated- You know her act is pretty raunchy right? He was unfazed and knew he would have a good time. 

 The next day, he came back to me with a shocked look on his face. I asked how the show was and his mouth hung open as he said- I had to leave. She was so dirty. I didn't know a female comic could be so dirty.

 I am a fan of Schumer's comedy. Yes, she is raunchy, but she is also deeply insightful in the midst of her playfulness. I was so excited when I read she was going to write a book that I pre-ordered it, which is not something I normally do.

 Last weekend, I tore through this book! The book is a biography mostly, but also articles about life through the eyes of her comedy. What was interesting, at least to me, was that it wasn't the really filthy Schumer of her stand up act or TV show, but a really approachable and introspective look at life.

 When I told friends about it, I said there are funny parts and heartbreaking parts at the same time. She has dealt with a lot in her life- her father was diagnosed with MS and lost control of some of his muscles, her mother cheated on her father with Amy's best friend's father, and Amy was sexually assaulted or raped (if you don't want to put a nice spin on it) by her boyfriend at the time. It was after that chapter that I had to pause my reading for a bit because it was so heartbreaking.

 There are also incredibly funny chapters about sleeping with guys, the biggest d**k she has ever seen, and other such bits. It was just the right mix of comedy and tragedy. She writes with a conversational tone that drew me, as the reader in. She wasn't talking at me, but rather it seemed she was talking with me as one might do over a cup of coffee. The only little nitpicking point was that she uses- JK (just kidding) a whole bunch in her writing. It kind of took away from the humor, but that is being really nitpicking.

 I wound up really enjoying this one and would recommend it to those who don't mind her comedy. It is also a good book even if you don't like her comedy. I gave this one 4 stars.

 Here is you Amazon link- The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

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